My Hummingbird arrived!

I get excited when I know one of my purchases from the incomparable Heather Kraafter is on it’s way. This time was different. There is usually an overload of pomp and circumstance that makes anyone who knows me (husband in this case) sick to death of the artwork until it does arrive. Once he sees the artwork, then he gets it.

This time I forgot. It all happened in passing; I said I want that and Heather said it’s on it’s way. No ceremonial grandeur or ornate formality as I’d displayed before when awaiting the arrival of Heather’s great artwork. Until my husband saw Hummingbird, he was clueless that I was expecting anything.
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Using App Launcher Customizer for Google – Events

App Launcher is a great Google extension that helps keep your most used URLs at your fingertips.  Excellent organizer that will help you navigate the New Google Plus.

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Sending a Private Message in the NewG+

Tutorial for Google Plus construction of a Private Message and where to find the person you want to send the message to. 1:36

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Sarah Hill’s “5 Reasons to Teach Customers to Dial the Video Phone”

This is such a great article Sarah Hill from Veterans United put together.  I’ve shared in on Google Plus but just re-read the full article again.  Makes so much sense for your office staff (or you as an individual owner) to know this.

Excerpt from her article:
Sarah Hill articleCan you SEE me now? Sadly for many customers calling businesses, the answer is no. Right now, your customers have the ability to video call your business. But most businesses don’t know how to answer the video phone, so this is what the customer sees: a black screen. Here are 5 reasons why your brand might want to learn to dial and answer the video phone.”

Read the full article to get the 5 Reasons here: 5 Reasons to Teach Customers to Dial the Video Phone

Read more from Sarah Hill on her blog at and on Google Plus, and watch for her video interviews representing Veterans United

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Does Your Business Exist? Is it On The Map?

I’ve just started my journey with Google Plus Business Pages and Google Maps.  I avoided the process until now because it was different – unfamiliar.  I wasn’t ready to do it right so just didn’t.

One of the things you want to do is get your business on Google Maps. It is important so people can locate you in search and on mobile as they are looking for your service or product in a particular area or location.  It’s easy to do but you do have to have some knowledge and if you don’t, get some help.  Read on and you’ll see there are people who know how.

If you don’t have a location on the map, no one can find you.  Google Search is basically the new Yellow Pages.  You remember, that big book you haven’t looked at in a decade – since you could Google everything and find it right on your computer, iPad or Smartphone.

My story: I happen to own a real estate school.  When I search for “Memphis real estate schools” (the most commonly searched keywords) Google search produces this map with location tags for easy reference.

Google Map Memphis Real Estate Schools

If you have a business and you haven’t searched for yourself or claimed your business on Google – you might not exist!

If you’ve claimed your listing then when a person scrolls over the location they want, they will see an expanded result – my listing is “C” on the map.

Memphis Real Estate Schools

The expanded listing to the right gives the person searching a location, phone, directions, a path to leave a review and the ability to click through to your Google Plus Business Page.

Oh, you don’t have a Google Business Page yet?

Then your business may not be found in Google Search with the good information your clients need to reach you.

This is a comment I find very profound on a G+ post by Debi Davis.  The comment was from Nathan Hourt of Bitshares.

“From my perspective as a user: if you’re not on Google maps, you don’t exist. I won’t find you. Case in point: I needed a suit altered once, so naturally, I searched Maps for tailors. I went to a sewing shop because it was the closest thing I could find. I later learned there was a proper tailor (old fashioned suiting, not even a chain) nearby, but they weren’t on Maps so I had no idea they existed when I needed them.”

That comment said to me:  Get on Google Maps or be left behind. Make sure all the information is correct and make it easy for prospective students to find me. So I went to work!

The story I’m following:

Debi Davis  3D Communications – circle her, read her blog and generally follow everything she does – is one of the Level 3 PYB Academy Team from Plus Your Business.  Their project EagleCo, is placing an entire town on Google Maps.  Yes, you read that right, every business in town that will participate. The project EagleCo  Vail2015 is taking the small town of Eagle, Colorado and helping all businesses put themselves on the map.

Why?  Because Eagle is very close to where the World Alpine Ski Racing Championships are held in Feburary.  Do you think it might be advantageous to the businesses to be searchable when thousands of visitors arrive from all over the world and are looking for things to do, interesting shops, restaurants and such?

Yes, indeed and that’s the point.  This case study will prove beyond any doubt that being correctly positioned on Google Maps is important to you, me and everyone who wishes to do business in the digital age.  Follow along on their G+ Page.  The team members are posting about the preparations and accomplishments of each business.  It is a magical thing to watch.  In reality, following their progress forced me to start working on my page and kicked my butt in gear.  I can see the importance and don’t want to miss out.

Follow along with me and watch this happen. You will learn.  If you need help with your business page Plus Your Business has the people to help.  Contact either myself or Debi and we’ll point you in the right direction to get help. I am proud to be a member of Level 3 effective January 19th. Can’t imagine what the Jan 19th class will be delving into.  Debi’s full article is here

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