So much conversation about Facebook advertising these days.  So many people explaining that which changes before they can get the information out to users.  Literally, during the last Mari Smith Course, Facebook changed the business page algorithm which drastically affected page reach.  Thanks to Mari Smith for pointing me to:

Facebook Ad Dictionary: 25 Terms you Need to Know Before you Start by James Scherer

WishPond Graphic

I was not familiar with James Scherer  or his website, WishPond.  I really like the definitions he offers.  After attending many webinars, the Facebook Ad process is becoming more clear, however;  I’m not sold on the concept just yet.  James’ article and slideshare presentation brought things into focus for me.  Hope it does the same for you.

These definitions, while necessary to know, will seem to some like a foreign language.  Get used to it.  This is the future of Facebook . . . making money from businesses through charging for reach.

Nice slideshare presentation.  I did not sign up for updates on the website – which I also liked – but I may very well attend his webinar 5th of March at 9:30 (PST)  - I assume that’s AM which is 11:30 AM Central. Read the article above first.  James’ slideshare is included in his article as well as his insights.  Excellent post – enjoy.


Graceland (2)In his latest blog post, Joe Spake, co-founder of Social Web Learning makes very interesting points about Facebook pages News Feed reach.  He’s asking if Facebook is missing your fan base when Facebook decides who of your followers/fans sees your status updates on your page.

After watching the video  Facebook Fraud, Joe checked his stats to find surprising results.  His article shows you how he found the information.  Read more by clicking the link to Joe’s blog post below.  You’ll be checking your stats to see if it is happening to your page.

Small business – is Facebook Missing Your Target.

Interesting read.  Great insights, thanks Joe.  You can find all Joe’s contact info and social media channels on his blog Joe Spake’s Weblog



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