Comment Tracker Test Run – New HOA Host

In the G+ world, we help each other achieve goals with Hangouts On Air.  Here is an example of what I mean.  Elaine wanted to practice her skills before she launched The Holy ShiFt Show Tuesady, October 14th at 2 PM Eastern.  Since this is a recorded practice, we get a bit silly with mentioning her show.  If you’re not having fun when you practice HOAs, then you’re not learning and becoming comfortable with the platform.  You’ll learn a bit more about me as well.  18 minutes, but you’ll get a lot of information about Hangouts On Air.  Enjoy

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Your First Month on Google Plus – Martin Shervington Infographic

Easy to follow pictorial instructions for you first few weeks on Google Plus.  Martin Shervington keeps it simple.  Martin’s  Plus You Business Community is filled with tips to help you along your G+ journey.  Join and take advantage of the material.  Many beginners start here.

Google Plus is a different eco system.  There is a learning curve.  Don’t walk away from it.  Understand the Why of being there.  Learn the right way to use it first by listening to others, find your like-minded group and enjoy The Plus.  If you don’t know what to do yet, do nothing but the basics – complete your profile – and be patient.  Free and excellent tutorials by Martin himself are available at PYB.

From a share of this post on G+ read what Pepper Oldziey of Chapel Hill, NC, Peppergraphics Design Studio has to say.  These are words of wisdom.  A larger version of the infographic  is also on my Pinterest, here.  Questions about Google Plus and how to start?  Want to ask a question by phone – give me a call.  Some may need a guide – not a hand holder, just someone to ask a simple question.  I’ll be glad to help.  Best way to reach me for a private consultation,  email or phone.  Contact info on my G+ Profile About Page.

Click “Read More” on the Google Plus embedded post below to read Pepper’s complete statement of her share.

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Epic Weird Al Parody “Word Crimes”

Copy writers and Editors all over are dancing to this Weird Al parody.  Watch the video.  Nothing further need be said.

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Overview of NOD3x in SlideShare Presentation

Ever heard of NOD3x?  No?  Check out this SlideShare by John Deitrich – Moderator of the Community.  It’s an overview that will encourage you to want more.  This information is fascinating.

Join the NOD3x Google Plus community to find a helpful and encouraging group of people learning about Data Mining and Social Networking Analysis.  Could it help you in your business?  I’ll share a follow-up post after using this tool for a couple of weeks to tell you how I’m using NOD3x.
[slideshare id=34569671&doc=slidesharediscoveryinsighttour2continued-140512092608-phpapp02]

Another bit of information for your consideration.  When is the best time of day and day of the week to post on Google+?

Click Read More (30 lines) in the embedded post below for clarity of what NOD3x does and is. Yes, NOD3x can determine this and will deliver a simple to read graph which will show You the best time for You to post for greatest exposure and engagement.  Fascinating.

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How Innovators Use Google Plus Hangouts

Sunny Cadwallader has a unique niche on Google Plus.  She’s using athlete interviews in Hangouts on her sports website and re-posting on Google Plus.  It’s in connection with the NFL which recently began using Hangouts with Draft Day.

Her tagline on G+ is “Sports-social media writer, curator and Jill-of-all-trades in social media” 

Her occupation is listed as  “Sports-Social Media journalist, curator”

Sunny has combined social media with her love of sports and the NFL Draft #MyDraftDay on Google +.  I’m fascinated!

Embedded here is a Google+ post as an example.  You’ll need to click on Sunny’s website to watch the videos – no registration required.

Sunny can be reached on Google+ Here.  Her website Here. Click on her website in the G+ post to go directly to her website and read this entire blog article plus all her other interviews with draft candidates. If you are a sports fan, this is a must see Hangout and website.

We can never imagine how Google Plus Hangouts can and will be used.  

It is still being defined.

Sunny CadwalladerThis is sterling example of how Sunny Cadwallader uses her talents as a sports curator to showcase athletes being considered for the NFL Draft.


Sunny is now one of my favorite innovators on Google Plus.

 A share of the G+ post by +Ronnie Bencer,  The Hangout Helper shows the power of G+ in sharing.  There are more Comments on the share which is part of the G+ benefit. Shares on Google Plus are very important.  If you post and no one comments, that’s fine.  Don’t feel lonely.  If someone +1s or shares your content, feel the Google Love.  If someone writes a blog post about you . . . well, then, do a dance. 

Ronnie’s share currently has 28 comments and 6 shares from his post.  Now that’s Google Love!

And, then . . . if another Influencer comments on your post – live links below.

Scott's comment

Scott’s comment is important because of what he said, “[Sunny’s} post should be required reading for anyone wanting to keep a finger on the pulse of where Google wants to drive this ship”.  Pay attention.  I see people everyday who’ve embraced this platform and become someone they never intended but found an opportunity to shine on Google Plus.

The commentor, Scott Scowcroft, applies the #TST (The SCOTT Treatment) to “teaching” Hangout videos of varying lengths, – 10 minutes to over an hour – edits them for the speaker/author down to promos or easily digestible 2-3 minute segments.  Scott has a knack for adding music and transitions at just the right place to make the point and doesn’t lose the message.  

Widely respected for this talent, I’m not sure Scott started out to be an Influencer or Grand Video Editor he has become, I could be wrong.  However,  it is certainly what we depend on him for now – producing great quality shorts. His community has grown from his writing, video editing and weekly Hangouts with co-host, the lovely +Jessica Dewell on the +Jess+Scott+You show.  Even though it is out of most of our time zones (Pacific – late evening), people will show up from all over the world in all time zones to catch it live.  They have the best guests and the best followers/commentors on their show.  I am one so I know this.  I get to interact with them.  Just lovely!

These are just two examples of what’s happening on Google Plus today.  Come on over to watch and learn.  We’d love to have you.  Need help at first, just ask.  It is a very helpful place.  You can find me at

Hope you enjoy Sunny’s website and her G+ post!  Click on over to Scott Scowcroft and see what he’s up to as well.

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