Big Budget Music Soundtrack

If you’ve never watched or listened to music being composed for a movie soundtrack – watch this video. Is there a move? No, but you think there must be, somewhere, just waiting for this original composition.

The Ebb and Flow of the talented Terry Leigh Britton’s imagination are soothing, dramatic, uplifting, toe-tapping and simply beautiful as he expresses himself in each section of this work of art.

Share it with your friends as you have it playing in the background at your next dinner party. Listen as you work through that difficult spreadsheet (my favorite) or when you need to compose a difficult but loving letter to a friend who’s just experienced a loss. This music will support all these times when you need it.

Watching the Maestro compose on the spot without formal preparation is magical.  

If you enjoy Terry’s music, Subscribe to his YouTube Channel and click the notification bell so you’ll be notified of any new recordings.  

Big Budget Music Soundtrack was last modified: January 16th, 2019 by Sheila Hensley

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