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Brian Solis – no secret – is one of my favorite authors.  He writes prolifically about marketing but often his research and analysis speaks to general audiences as both consumers and business people.

This information is specific, in my opinion, to every real estate agent that “thought” they knew about generational marketing.  Learned either from National Association of REALTORS® designation course – I’ve taken and taught it –  or from a book that made them an expert in communication with ALL the generations, forget what you think you know and study this article – times have changed through technology. “Nowadays, age ain’t nothing but a number.” is one of my favorite quotes and there are many.

Meet Generation C: The Connected Consumer is packed with information you need so take advantage of the knowledge and research offered.  If it doesn’t make you think twice about what you’ve been taught in the past, you may be doomed to die on the real estate vine.

When generational marketing first became popular, it was cool to know the cultural differences in age groups that influenced their buying process.  That has all been clouded by technology and you should update your information.  Sadly, that update is not coming from your industry sources, real estate or otherwise.

Fortunately we have Brian Solis and we all should pay attention. Enjoy his new post and learn from a genius.  2015 is only three years away.

Meet Generation C:  The Connected Consumer

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One comment on “Brian Solis | Must Have Info For Real Estate Agents
  1. Joe Spake says:

    Right on, Sheila.  Age really AIN’T nothin’ but a number.  Many Realtors seem to be looking for a magic bullet or some kind of secret for success, rather than jumping into the new media and dealing with the connected consumer in a way that makes sense to the consumer.  Even though they play at social media and engagement, many only understand it as one-way broadcasting.

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