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Epic Weird Al Parody “Word Crimes”

Copy writers and Editors all over are dancing to this Weird Al parody.  Watch the video.  Nothing further need be said.

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Overview of NOD3x in SlideShare Presentation

Ever heard of NOD3x?  No?  Check out this SlideShare by John Deitrich – Moderator of the Community.  It’s an overview that will encourage you to want more.  This information is fascinating. Join the NOD3x Google Plus community to find a helpful

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Are Facebook Ads Missing Your Target Audience? by Joe Spake

In his latest blog post, Joe Spake, co-founder of Social Web Learning makes very interesting points about Facebook pages News Feed reach.  He’s asking if Facebook is missing your fan base when Facebook decides who of your followers/fans sees your status

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Frustrated with Facebook Changes???

Many of us are.  However if you attended the in-depth Facebook Marketing Success Systems you found that using the Power Editor and setting up a Facebook marketing budget a bit complicated.  Mixed reviews show that for some social media managers, advertising

How to Use Circles in Videos from TechSmith

In my TechSmith eNewsletter today – which I usually don’t have time to read – something caught my eye.  I use Snagit and was interested in their Snagit for Chrome announcement when I saw a post on their blog that

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