Comment Tracker Test Run – New HOA Host

In the G+ world, we help each other achieve goals with Hangouts On Air.  Here is an example of what I mean.  Elaine wanted to practice her skills before she launched The Holy ShiFt Show Tuesady, October 14th at 2 PM Eastern.  Since this is a recorded practice, we get a bit silly with mentioning her show.  If you’re not having fun when you practice HOAs, then you’re not learning and becoming comfortable with the platform.  You’ll learn a bit more about me as well.  18 minutes, but you’ll get a lot of information about Hangouts On Air.  Enjoy

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3 comments on “Comment Tracker Test Run – New HOA Host
  1. Mike Mueller says:

    LOVE Hangouts! I tend to do more of the one on one with my clients but I think the On the Air brings so much to the table.

    You guys have so much fun!
    Good for her to practice, too! She’s going to be great!

    • Ah, thanks Mike! It was fun. I practice with others so they get comfortable before they go live with their own show Hangouts, but I, like you, use hangouts for one to one consultations more than public. Except . . . in 2015 . . . I should interview you! Yes, that’s exactly what we should do. 🙂 I’ll be in touch.

      • Elaine Nieberding says:

        Sheila Hensley, I’m keeping my eye out for you hosting your own public HOAs, that’s for sure. “Straight Shooter Sheila” – that’s what I say (with a whole lotta Love)! Keep me posted, I’ll be happy to reshare notice to you get the attention you deserve.

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