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Not to brag here,  but I thought Chuck Wending’s post on Google+ was great fun.  I’ve enjoyed both 25 Things a Writer Should Stop Doing . . .  which has over 350 comments and counting.  I’m continuing to benefit from Chuck’s ebook 500 Ways to Be A Better Writer  but I was surprised and please to see another reference in my Google+ stream today.


Chuck Wendig  –  8:18 AM  –  Public
In a sign that the Mayans were right and this is clearly going to be the end of the world, my post “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right F**king Now)” got linked to by the blog at Oprah.com.
Kiss your children. Say goodbye to your pets. The end is nigh.
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Can I pick ’em or what?  Yes, I’m bragging.  Congratulations to Chuck for making it to Oprah.com’s Gratitude Journal; however, I’m still trying to figure out how/why is it here.  Hey the SEO doesn’t care so who am I to question.
Give me your thoughts.  Does 25 Things (Chuck’s version), great as it is, fit in Oprah’s Gratitude Journal list?




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