Re-Size Facebook Timeline Profile Pic

SWLIt seems that everyone is scrambling to get their business page Timeline done before cut off tomorrow. Both of mine are done but I continue to listen to screen casts and webinars regarding same just so I can hear the “oops, we were wrong about that” followed by “this is actually the way it is”. Its fun to watch techie types scramble during change. At least I prefer to look at it that way rather than just being frustrated.

Here’s an interesting tidbit I picked up today: If you have text in your profile picture (180 X 180 pixels) you need to leave a 10 pixel cushion on all sides. As you know the profile picture becomes your identity when posting in your news feed. Facebook shrinks the profile picture on your wall or news feed so the text – or your business logo – might look oddly sized. If you size it 170 X 170, I was told today during yet another webinar, it should show up fine in both places.

Since I haven’t changed yet, you can clearly see the difference. I’m ordering it re-sized today but it will be a couple of days before I get it done. If you visit, please Like the page while there – shameless plug. I haven’t pushed this Timeline for Likes and I need to build the numbers. Would appreciate your help – thanks.

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