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The Reckoning of Social Media – Facebook – *Technically Speaking

You really want to watch this.   *Technically Speaking aka Greg and Scott are two of my favorite sage advisers regarding tech and how it works.  Watch and learn.  Subscribe to *Technically Speaking on YouTube, click the notification bell to catch

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Are Facebook Ads Missing Your Target Audience? by Joe Spake

In his latest blog post, Joe Spake, co-founder of Social Web Learning makes very interesting points about Facebook pages News Feed reach.  He’s asking if Facebook is missing your fan base when Facebook decides who of your followers/fans sees your status

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Search Feature in Facebook Groups

You may belong to a few Facebook Groups.  Do you use them or should you remove yourself from a particular Facebook group?  Check yourself.  While inside a group, go to the search feature – Search your name:  This will show

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Is FaceBook Holding Us Hostage?

I’ve been thinking – sometimes saying privately – that Facebook is losing it’s purpose.  It is more difficult to navigate, manage and enjoy. Participating has become a full-time job.  I’ve also said, publicly, that social media managers and companies that offer

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Re-Size Facebook Timeline Profile Pic

It seems that everyone is scrambling to get their business page Timeline done before cut off tomorrow. Both of mine are done but I continue to listen to screen casts and webinars regarding same just so I can hear the

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