The Reckoning of Social Media – Facebook – *Technically Speaking

You really want to watch this.  

*Technically Speaking aka Greg and Scott are two of my favorite sage advisers regarding tech and how it works. 

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Are Facebook Ads Missing Your Target Audience? by Joe Spake

Graceland-2In his latest blog post, Joe Spake, co-founder of Social Web Learning makes very interesting points about Facebook pages News Feed reach.  He’s asking if Facebook is missing your fan base when Facebook decides who of your followers/fans sees your status updates on your page.

After watching the video  Facebook Fraud, Joe checked his stats to find surprising results.  His article shows you how he found the information.  Read more by clicking the link to Joe’s blog post below.  You’ll be checking your stats to see if it is happening to your page.

Small business – is Facebook Missing Your Target.

Interesting read.  Great insights, thanks Joe.  You can find all Joe’s contact info and social media channels on his blog Joe Spake’s Weblog

Search Feature in Facebook Groups

You may belong to a few Facebook Groups.  Do you use them or should you remove yourself from a particular Facebook group?  Check yourself.  While inside a group, go to the search feature –

FB Search Tool in Groups

Search your name:  This will show you how active/inactive you’ve been in the group; the last time you posted or commented and if you’re really interested in contributing.

FB Search Results

Click on each post to see who commented on your post and when.

Review your activity.  You may either decide to contribute more to receive the most from the group or, possibly, get out of the group to make room for your other interests.

Is FaceBook Holding Us Hostage?

I’ve been thinking – sometimes saying privately – that Facebook is losing it’s purpose.  It is more difficult to navigate, manage and enjoy. Participating has become a full-time job.  I’ve also said, publicly, that social media managers and companies that offer assistance to large businesses are the next big job market expansion for small to large businesses.  I’ve been exposed to many who offer these services at different degrees through courses and groups lately.  I’ve watched them learn, grow and develop.  It is becoming a huge business.  Why?

Because those who own businesses, large or small, can appreciate the need to expose their products and services through social media tools.  But, they are not going to quit the day job to become experts.  We have existing businesses to run and it hasn’t been easy of late.  Many good businesses have left the market because of economic and technological changes – doesn’t matter the reasons – they are gone.

So a possible answer is a new kind of service to fill the need and to help business owners expand and profit during these times.  A service that works with the business rather than holds it hostage – like FaceBook is beginning to do.  Individuals/groups who love different parts of this pool of services who are offering them to small business (and large – wait for the position title to start cropping up on LinkedIn) can specialize and fill special needs that any business can not live without and survive.  These two must come to terms with the cost/expense and get on with life.


  • Go ahead – spend your time learning the basics so you can supervise but hire a specialist
  • Focus on what you do best – don’t care what it is – you know what it is – so just do it
  •  It’s a budget item, not free, there’s no app for it, face it, it costs money, pay for quality – yes it is your job to find and determine who is best for you, grow up
  • Trust.  You have to trust the specialist and sometimes you’ll make mistakes hiring good help. Go read (second time for me) Trust Agents, Chris Brogan/ Julien Smith available in audio (recommend) and allow it to influence you.  Sign up for Chris’ weekly newsletter as well.  It will help you take the straight and narrow path you must walk.  By the way Chris Brogan’s Human Business Works is the best place to start your research if you are a mid-sized to larger company.  I am proud to be an affiliate partner of Chris, Rob and HBW.

Why is she ranting about this?

I read an article recently by Chad Whitman, founder of EdgeRank Checker.  It was posted by one of my favorite sites socialfresh.

Facebook’s New Post Targeting Options Launch Tomorrow, Learn How To Use Them Now

It speaks to the need for admins to further target their audience.  The last paragraph hit home and so this blog post composed itself.  Thanks to all mentioned in this post who contributed to my creative moment.

A Note To Small Brands

For the millions of small brands marketing on Facebook, the targeting options will be less impactful. Facebook requires certain levels of fans in order to be able to target a particular demographic.

However, there will still be value in the targeting as you’ll be able to target broad segments such as gender or age.

The brands that have millions of fans will most likely be able to use a variety targeting options to fine tune their targeted audience. Large brands often suffer in the news feed due to the diversity of their fans and fan acquisition methods. Segmenting may begin a process of Reaching these hard to reach fans.


So new targeting options mean more specialized expertise – something new (thanks Facebook) to master.  Expertise that you may not have or if you have the abilities you may not have the time to execute.   These people or companies (ultimate trust agents – see reference above) that have the ability to execute and manage the necessary processes, on your behalf,  are now and will become very important to all of us in future.  Spend time learning who to hire is good advice.  Trying to accomplish your goals without them is pointless as we are past that point.  Save your business first but plan on a social media administrative expense.

I regularly interview and evaluate people and services for my business.  I have found only a few that fit the description and that I trust.  Note:  There are now thousands all over the world! I’m very careful whose name I pass along so send me a private email if you want a referral for your small business.

But most important, leave a comment if you’ve had the same feelings or if you think you now, or will soon, need social media administrative and or managerial services at your business.  What does that picture look like to you?  I have large, medium and small programs I like.  However, each day/week and certainly in a 12 month space of time . . . everything changes.  It is important to choose a person or company – based on your size – that’s weathered the changes of the past couple of years.

Your thoughts.

Re-Size Facebook Timeline Profile Pic

SWLIt seems that everyone is scrambling to get their business page Timeline done before cut off tomorrow. Both of mine are done but I continue to listen to screen casts and webinars regarding same just so I can hear the “oops, we were wrong about that” followed by “this is actually the way it is”. Its fun to watch techie types scramble during change. At least I prefer to look at it that way rather than just being frustrated.

Here’s an interesting tidbit I picked up today: If you have text in your profile picture (180 X 180 pixels) you need to leave a 10 pixel cushion on all sides. As you know the profile picture becomes your identity when posting in your news feed. Facebook shrinks the profile picture on your wall or news feed so the text – or your business logo – might look oddly sized. If you size it 170 X 170, I was told today during yet another webinar, it should show up fine in both places.

Since I haven’t changed http://facebook.com/socialweblearning yet, you can clearly see the difference. I’m ordering it re-sized today but it will be a couple of days before I get it done. If you visit, please Like the page while there – shameless plug. I haven’t pushed this Timeline for Likes and I need to build the numbers. Would appreciate your help – thanks.