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Your First Month on Google Plus – Martin Shervington Infographic

Easy to follow pictorial instructions for you first few weeks on Google Plus.  Martin Shervington keeps it simple.  Martin’s  Plus You Business Community is filled with tips to help you along your G+ journey.  Join and take advantage of the material.  Many

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Overview of NOD3x in SlideShare Presentation

Ever heard of NOD3x?  No?  Check out this SlideShare by John Deitrich – Moderator of the Community.  It’s an overview that will encourage you to want more.  This information is fascinating. Join the NOD3x Google Plus community to find a helpful

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Urgent – Purchase Now!

This information originated from my Google+ profile.  There I follow Chuck Wendig, “novelist, screen writer and penmonkey”  at terribleminds.com – this is the home page but do not stop there.  The other pages/links are just as enjoyable.  Note:  Strong Language, he makes his point.

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