Update Your YouTube Channel!

I’m not a YouTuber.  You may not be either.  I have a channel that before today was in the name of my blog.  I used it to practice my video magic (there is none – exaggeration to make a point) and comment on other’s videos and sometimes during Google Hangout on Air presentations.  Only.  All videos there are private and unlisted.

How frustrating for YouTube to constantly ask me to change my channel name and connect it to my G+ profile.  That’s not what I wanted so ignored the insistent demand.

Now I realize that if I don’t make and accept the necessary changes, I am unable to properly comment and take part in a Hangout.  Yesterday, I was ask a question directly by the Hangout presenter and ask to answer in the comments.  The presenter thought I’d refused to answer.  Ugh!

Even if you’re not an active YouTuber but you have an account, you need to be aware of the consequences of not following whatever direction Google/YouTube is taking us.  Click on the image below to find out more.

I don’t like it but I found it necessary because I’m interested in Google Hangouts, how they work and want the information Hangouts offer.


Be sure to check all your settings and the channel is viewed as you wish.

JoBarnesOnline G+ Quick Tip Video

This JBO Quick Tip video explains how to save interesting G+ post to read or share later.  This method will aggregate those posts you want to spend more time reading and then share with a thoughtful comment.

Not using Google+ yet?  Click HERE to learn more about Jo’s fantastic Google+ 2013 Course.  You know you want to learn more about Google Plus.   You know it’s important so learn from Jo Barnes,  The course if affordable and she gives you the information you’ll need for success.  Have a listen to the video, and then check out the course at JoBarnesOnline.

If you liked it, then you shoulda put a +1 on it

Google +1

Screenshot of DiggDigg bar from Mashable

Here’s a new mantra – to the tune of  Beyoncé’s Single Ladies: If you liked it, then you shoulda put a +1 on it.

The Mashable post, Growing up Google: How Cloud Computing is Changing a Generation is all about Google.  as you can see from its DiggDigg bar at the left,  it got 131 Facebook Likes, over 1,500 tweets, 291 LinkedIn shares, and 433 Stumbleupon shares; yet this post about Google got only 9  Google  +1 s.

I am perplexed that readers make the mouse click effort to share to other platforms, yet neglect the +1 button.  Many of  us Google proponents would rather have the +1 as a show of appreciation than the FB Like.  It’s just one little  mouse click. Why not give it a try right now:

New functionality of the +1 button now allows for a direct share to your Google Plus feed, if you have one, with just one more click.  Believe it or not, lots of folks are using Google Plus regularly,and Google is looking at where those +1’s are going.  So don’t be stingy with your +1 love.

Oprah.com links to Chuck Wending’s 25 Things …

Update to my last post Urgent – Purchase Now !

Not to brag here,  but I thought Chuck Wending’s post on Google+ was great fun.  I’ve enjoyed both 25 Things a Writer Should Stop Doing . . .  which has over 350 comments and counting.  I’m continuing to benefit from Chuck’s ebook 500 Ways to Be A Better Writer  but I was surprised and please to see another reference in my Google+ stream today.


Chuck Wendig  –  8:18 AM  –  Public
In a sign that the Mayans were right and this is clearly going to be the end of the world, my post “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (Right F**king Now)” got linked to by the blog at Oprah.com.
Kiss your children. Say goodbye to your pets. The end is nigh.
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Can I pick ’em or what?  Yes, I’m bragging.  Congratulations to Chuck for making it to Oprah.com’s Gratitude Journal; however, I’m still trying to figure out how/why is it here.  Hey the SEO doesn’t care so who am I to question.
Give me your thoughts.  Does 25 Things (Chuck’s version), great as it is, fit in Oprah’s Gratitude Journal list?