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An Honest Opinion – Flicker SmugMug Combo

Tara Hunt was one of my first exposures to social media.  At the time, my mentor’s assignment was to read Tara’s book The Whuffie Factor published in 2009.  It was a terrific first look at social media and helped frame my direction

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The Reckoning of Social Media – Facebook – *Technically Speaking

You really want to watch this.   *Technically Speaking aka Greg and Scott are two of my favorite sage advisers regarding tech and how it works.  Watch and learn.  Subscribe to *Technically Speaking on YouTube, click the notification bell to catch

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Sometimes I think the Luddites have a point

[Originally posted on Joe Spake’s Weblog] According to Wikipedia,  the Luddites were a group of 19th-century English textile artisans who protested against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, which they felt were leaving them without work and changing their

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Curating great stuff with Delicious

For a while last year it looked like we might lose  Delicious, the King of online bookmarking and my favorite curation tool, as owner Yahoo did some strategic re-arranging.  Delicious was bought by the founders of Youtube and is now

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Scott Stratten’s “Worst Use of Social Media” post

Scott Stratten‘s January 10th post Worst Use of Social Media of 2012 and follow-up is a social media tutorial in real-time.  Read the entire article to learn how not to use social media and the results of doing it wrong.  In

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